Monday, 8 December 2008

Lovely Chinese Sharpei

Sharpei Appearance
Sharpei dog is an alert, compact dog with medium size and substance of profile, in the vicinity of equality, the head shares slightly, but not too big for the body. The short, hard layer of the skin profile of the head and body, small ears, "hippo" Gag of form and high-tail together to make a donation in the Shar-Pei a unique look for themselves alone. Flange of the skin and wrinkles on the head, neck and body are abundant, but the puppies these characteristics May is on the head, neck and shoulder in adults.

Sharpei Body
Sharpei usually gorws up to 18-20 inch withers. The weight is 45 to 60 pounds. The dog is usually larger and squares that the bodies of females, but the two seem relatively good. The height of the Shar-Pei from the ground to the withers is approximately equal to the length of the tip of the sternum at the top of the O-ring. Sharpei Head and skull usually quite wide, but not exaggerated, proud and with them many wrinkles on the forehead to continue the development of the site of wrinkles on the face. Eyes - Dark, small, in the form of almonds and hollow, with an expression renfrogné. Dogs in diluted color of the color of the eyes may be easier. Ears - Very small, thick enough equilateral triangles in shape, slightly rounded at the tip; edges of the ear loop May. The ears are flat against the head, are high and far forward on the head by clicking on the eyes. The sensors are able to move. A ear Immerse is available. Skull - flat and wide, the stop-described moderate. The nests mule - one of the characteristics of the race. It is spacious and completely without snipiness proposal. (The length of the nose at the bus stop is approximately the same as the verdict to mind.) Large and broad nose and dark pigmentation, preferably black, but in each case of paint, all in the color of the skin of the dog is acceptable . Dilution in the colors, the nose is flat. Pigmented dark cream Shar-Pei May, a little light pigment is in the heart of the nose or on the entire nose. The upper part of the mouth and lips are well padded and May to a slight bulge on the nose. The language of advertising the roof of the mouth, adhesives and Flew - solid blue-black jacket in all colors, except in the paint diluted with a pigmentation of lavender. A rose flecked language is a serious mistake. A solid Rose is a language of the revocation. (May Tongue colors illuminated by stress because of the heat, it is important to make sure not to be confused with a diluted pink coloration language.) Teeth - strong, at a meeting of the scissors bite. Forwarding a scissors bite is a serious mistake.

Sharpei Color
Only the strong colors and black are acceptable and are considered on the basis of equality. A dog with May rose color shading, especially the darkest, a reduction in the back and on the ears. The shadows are the changes in the same color and body hair with May during the cloak of darkness. The colors are Expiration: Albino; Not a single color, ie: Brindle, the party color; Spotted; model ends in a combination of colors.

Sharpei Loop
The movement of the Shar-Pei should be evaluated on a trot. The course is free and in balance with their feet tend to be a stronghold of the seriousness of the dog moves in with a trot. The approach combines good maximum range and a strong player in the backyard railway. Is a good flow.

Sharpei Temperament
Sharpei dog breed is regal, attentive, intelligent, dignified, noble, renfrogné, plain and snob essentially independent and standoffish with a few foreigners, but in his extreme devotion to his family. The Shar-Pei is firmly on the ground with a calm, confidence stature.