Sunday, 31 August 2008

Master Kitten & Rottweiller Servant

Master Kitten needs to go downtown so he ordered his Rottweiller servant to carry him on the back and parade together around. But wait a sec... Read more »

Too Fat Too Furious

Well done, congratulation for any owner who success to fee up their dog's just like this picture. The Dog's must be incrediblly heav... Read more »

Dog's Can Read

Do you know if Dog's can read? To be honest i dont really understand bout it. Or the owners must read it for their dog's? But it mig... Read more »

Master Jedi

This master Jedi doesnt have power or sword. But for sure he had tooth and vicious bite. Anyone dare to try his battle skill? Read more »

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Family Reunion

This is very rare family reunion. Since war between two countries they got separated for years. Know their government arrange reunion to re... Read more »

Really Hate The Doctor

What kind of doctor they got here? This doctor very rude to me. I refuse to surrender, i will always hate this kind of doctor. So i will st... Read more »


Just don't get it. This dog feel threaten by the authorities so he must carry all of family member and become refugees. Anyone interest... Read more »

Cat & Dog True Story

Do you believe that cat and dog were eternal enemies each other? The real true story is they are needs each other, as enemies or as saviour... Read more »

Monday, 18 August 2008

Sleep Peacefully

What a weird couple, dog and skunk. They even sleep together peacefully. Where did those two sleeping? inside house? Well they might spank f... Read more »

Friday, 15 August 2008

Boston Terrier Puppies on Bowl

Looks like bunch of puppies on cup. They looks peacefull and very irressistible. Six puppies of Boston Terrier with black and white color on... Read more »

Snow Dog Has Come

I really don't have time to search what kind of dog is this. Snow has come, love to play around the freezing snow, but it's weird wh... Read more »

Rottweiller Puppy Torch by Hand

See this one, a rottweiller puppy holds by hand. But the puppy looks like being squeezed and torched. Please stop it! I can't figure it ... Read more »

Zebra : I'm in Love

What a nice timing to take a shot. Can you see the smile on their face? Like the do it on purposely. The great mother nature always so great... Read more »