Sunday, 20 July 2008

Chow Chow Beard Bear

The two most striking features Chow Chow is his blue-black tongue, and his hind legs almost straight, which makes walking rather than Stilt. Her Fur thick furry abundance and comes in two varieties, smooth and rough fur coats. The most common are red, black, blue, cream and cinnamon, but it can also be Tan, gray, or (rarely) white. Sign sometimes darker or lighter shade, but has never been a party color. Uschi small and round, and it is great for Ruff's head, which gives the appearance of lions. His head is wide and its skull is flat. Morden wide near the eyes and nose close to the black without being identified. Breast wide and deep and kidney area was short and sharp. Tail covered with dense hair and wore on his back. Temperament Chow Chow, as well-behaved, but he could on a voluntary basis and protection. Mandones, serious and very independent. This will be free to negotiate stubbornness. Often one person, a dog, very loyal to his family, although they may act may change with them. If you click on themselves strangers in this dog can be aggressive. Same dominant caste requires a dominant owner. The owner of this breed dogs must be calm person, of course, is fair and firm. With such a driver, Chow Chow can develop. We do not expect much from them obedience. They were born and persistently with the leaders of their own. Dogs can learn because they are obviously not stupid, but they must verify the number of his command. Consistent at all times. Some experts say that short hair Chow is more active and learn faster than their long hair of family members. The landlord told me that Chow can do their stunts, and they are easy to learn. Here is a quotation from the owners, has three sons and three cats: "My 8 - old white Chou held a series of" tricks ", ranging from dance in their hind legs on command and rolls jumping in their hind legs in the air at the command line. You know the difference between" Shake Hands "and" Shake ", and lint in their hair or shake dry after bathing or brush. After the first "trick" was bought at a very early age, usually learns new activities in the process of three examples of their human friends, then he easily exploit attempts to success. His zeal and learn two teachers from his love for people. Lyubit surrounded by people, including foreigners. When threatened, insecure or circumstances facing her, she quickly shows that the typical behavior of Chou trend: aggressive protection of their families and homes. " So it all depends on their particular Chow wants to learn. This race may be small but otherwise polite and patient. Some do not agree a leash and collar with ease, while others do not seem to mind. Most Chow Chows dominate, like other dogs, but in contrast, quite good with children. To fulfil domestic cats and other animals when they are young, they will treat them as adults. They should be fully in society, when very young to combat potential over-protectiveness as an adult. They need training company from the outset. His personality primarily because of his recent treatment. In China, Chou Chou is to observe things and carts. They eat meat and there is a market for their pelts. This sad story, as well as the lack of a single teacher (because of the utility dog) is a disappointment personality of great beauty of this dog. Thus, it sometimes seems focused, independent and indifferent. Breeder engaged in a very difficult race with Chou "family" temperament and with some success. Good rock and well accustom Chow Chow may be just that - excellent family dog.